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Willow Festival Dental
840 Willow Road Ste H
Northbrook,  IL 60062

 (847) 559-9550


Services:  Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Endodontics, Implant Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, TMJ / Migraine Therapy, Botox
Languages:  English, Russian
Affiliations:  American Dental Association (ADA)
Payment Methods: Cash, Check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Care Credit, Debit Card


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4.9 out of 5 (54 ratings)
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"Better than best"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Irina Voronina on 06/12/2013

"Best cleaning in years had a rough dental assistant in the past. I was very impressed with the high tech equipment and facility in general."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Keith B. on 10/01/2012

"Very good dentist and office staff. My six year old actually had "fun". "
5 stars (5 stars)
by M.A.F. on 07/12/2012

"Dr. Yuryk has the latest technology in his office. He used a new laser on me and it was very helpful and pain free!The staff makes you feel so welcome and the dental chairs are very comfortable. I am a patient for life! Thank you again!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by carlyv on 01/05/2012

"It took me some time to make a decision whether or not to switch to a different dentist but a friend of mine highly recommended Willow Festival Dental and I'm very glad I did! A wisdom tooth was pulled without any problems and with no pain whatsoever. The cost was very reasonable."
5 stars (5 stars)
by karll on 12/08/2011

"The doctor is so gentle and pain free! Staff is very nice as well."
5 stars (5 stars)
by carlyv on 12/06/2011

"I had a great service today at Willow Festival Dental. Will recomend to everyone."
5 stars (5 stars)
by innal on 11/30/2011

"I had two fillings drilled and replaced and did not feel any pain during or after. In fact within 2 hours I felt like I had not had dental work! Thanks for the great experience! I would recommend you to anyone."
5 stars (5 stars)
by erinm on 11/22/2011

"I went to Willow Festival Dental for the first time to get a cleaning 2 months ago and the dental hygienist did a really great (and very thorough) job cleaning my teeth, probably the best cleaning I've every received. She was also really nice, and the office offered a special for 1st time customers where x-rays were included with exam and cleaning, the total being $69. I unfortunately had to return to get a cavity drilled, but for what it was it was relatively painless (minus some nerve sensitivity) and the next day I don't have any pain or issues with my bite. The office is also super clean and you can watch the cable channel of your choice during everything. They also showed me my xrays right away and explained their findings. I..."
5 stars (5 stars)
by anonymous on 11/20/2011

"This is the best office in area and they do a very good job"
5 stars (5 stars)
by anonymous on 11/19/2011

"Such a nice office with the latest technology! The staff really cares!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by carlyv on 11/19/2011

"Great Experience Front Desk staff is friendly and professional, the place is SUPER clean, and the service was excellent! They take their time in explaining everything to you, I loved it! I highly recommend this Dentist office to everyone!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by taydet on 10/27/2011

"Top Notch,the best service, Facilities, and pleasant Dr., Hygienist,and office personal."
5 stars (5 stars)
by paulb on 10/20/2011

"Great, high-tech office. Convenient location. Dentist is the best - never any pain and quick work!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by anonymous on 10/17/2011

"THe dental hygienist was superb. She did a great job. I must say that I was apprehensive on my first visit to Willow Festival Dental clinic, since I had been going to my old dentist for many years. But after I left, I was extremely impressed with the quality of work. He was very gentle. I could not wait to tell my friends."
5 stars (5 stars)
by charlotteb on 09/15/2011

"I have been Dr. Yukyk's patient for quite some time now and I can honestly say that I can't imagine myself going to a different dentist. Everyone is passionate about their work and the office very clean and up to date, yet comfortable. A pain-free cleaning is also a plus."
5 stars (5 stars)
by margaritab on 09/03/2011

"The atmosphere at Willow is prefessional yet warm. The awesome equipment made my visits entertaining as well as educational. I will definitely be coming back!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by monicat on 08/24/2011

"This was the excellent service, staff was friendly and helpful. Doctor answered on all my questions and explained all scenarios of treatment"
5 stars (5 stars)
by romanp on 08/17/2011

"I have been a patient of Willow Festival Dental for several months, and have been very satisfied with everything.Last week, a very old filling fell out. I called WFD and got an appointment on short notice. Dr. Yuryk examined the affected tooth, explained to me what had happened (and showed me in the mirrow), discussed my options, and was clear about what each would cost, and the pros and cons of each. I decided what I wanted done, and he did it quickly and professionally. I was treated very well, and the work done was very professional. I highly recommend Willow Festival Dental"
5 stars (5 stars)
by victors on 08/16/2011

"I was very impressed with the wonderful attitude everyone had. Very service orientated and friendly. Was always scared of the dentist, but this was enjoyable."
5 stars (5 stars)
by erinm on 08/10/2011



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