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Kathryn Kennedy DDS
331 W 63rd St
Westmont,  IL 60559-2620

 (630) 810-9940


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Average Rating
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4.2 out of 5 (4 ratings)

"I'm sure Dr. Kennedy is a very competent dentist, but its too early for me to render judgement on her ability. I've been to really great dentists who believe in doing everything possible to save your own teeth. I would like to get a second opinion before I can render judgement on the service I received from Dr. Kennedy. All I can say is she is very gentle. There was no pain, and she and her staff are all cutie pies (smile)."
3 stars (3 stars)
by dennisv on 02/17/2014

"Dr Kennedy so nice, very patient, and GENTLE! Very happy we found her!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by edwardw on 02/16/2014

"Dr Kennedy is really good at dentistry. Of course there are lots of good dentists, so the difference in her is she's so compassionate and she has a nice office and friendly assistants. My only complaint might be about the assistants, they're too gabby sometimes; if you don't respond to their conversation they do stop, so it's probably just me (I'm not all that social)."
5 stars (5 stars)
by anonymous on 01/30/2014

"All this computer social interaction sort of 'goody feely' stuff almost too much! However, I'm sure ultimately it's the way to go, and will evolve (or I will evolve) to be copacetic. I did have to wait, but not so long that it bothered me, and when I got in the chair, I had immediate gratification. The work was done fast, and the doctor is really good. It only bothered me slightly that she had to run to the front desk to answer the phone once because she had allowed receiptionist to leave for 'an emergency'."
4 stars (4 stars)
by anonymous on 01/25/2014



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