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Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics
531 E Roosevelt Rd Ste 100
Wheaton,  IL 60187

 (630) 665-5550


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4.6 out of 5 (76 ratings)
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"Thanks so much for help with my broken tooth!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Bev Simon on 11/20/2014

"It would be difficult to improve on perfection!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by don sveen on 10/08/2014

"Over the past 15 years, I have consistently received the best in dental care. Everyone at the office are professional, they respect each and every person that walks through the door. The Doctors are excellent, always explaining any work that needs to be done and then completes the task expertly. I have never had a better experience in every way then with Dettmer Bauer general and cosmetic dentistry."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Robert Nicholson on 10/07/2014

"I am very pleased and satisfied with the care I received. My mouth is healthy and stable, and that in turn positively impacts my overall health!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Monica Malkowski on 08/18/2014

"I live in Minooka and I come all the way to Wheaton because I love Dr. Bauer he is amazing. Everyone in the office are always friendly and professional."
1 stars (1 stars)
by Julia, Kendzora on 07/21/2014

"My son is 7. Unfortunately he had 2 cavities. Dr. Dettmer was so wonderful that my son was showing off his fillings to his neighborhood friends!! Glad he had such a good experience! Sad he thinks fillings are awesome!!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Marcy Drew on 07/02/2014

"Always a pleasure going to the dentist! Sounds impossible? See for yourself and visit Dr Dettmer and Dr Bauers (yes, there are two) and the great staff in their practice! :)"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Gabriele on 06/24/2014

"Within24 hours of my emergency call I was in the office receiving great care, resolving my problem."
1 stars (1 stars)
by Anonymous on 05/30/2014

"Don't know what else I can add. All was great."
5 stars (5 stars)
by An ne Hacker on 05/21/2014

"The dentist and his assistants are all very professional. That is why I keep traveling one hour to have my dental needs taken care of there. It is a joy to be their patient. May God bless you all!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 04/18/2014

"I have been coming to Dr Dettmer since the 70s. Every issue I have had with my teeth was explained thoroughly, repaired expertly or referred to wonderful specialists. Dr. Bauer has been a pleasure to get to know and I feel that I am equally in expert dental care. The whole staff has truly made this office feel like the patient is extended family and those who have left are truly missed after so many years - while those who are newly met have lived up to the friendly, extremey competent atmosphere that I have appreciated for so many years."
0 stars (0 stars)
by Kitty Bruno on 04/15/2014

"Had a great visit at the dentist today. My teeth were X-rayed, cleaned and doubled checked so fast I was out of there in no time! Everyone was so nice was a great way to start the day! Thanks Rochelle and dr Bauer for making it so pleasant."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Trish Lynch on 03/27/2014

"Dr. Bauer did a superb job in every way. More attention to mouth rinsing would have been helpful. I was very pleased to be seen so promtly. Neal Conley"
4 stars (4 stars)
by Anonymous on 03/04/2014

"This dental office is superbly equipped with exceptionally able, friendly staff and doctors."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Ray Smith on 02/24/2014

"Everyone is professional and friendly."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Joan Dobson on 02/20/2014

"Excellent care and wonderfully kind staff. Thanks to all!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Becky on 02/04/2014

"Once again, Dr. Bauer exceeded my expectations! He took time and great care to answer my questions, advise me and treat my dental needs, which have grown more complex recently with gum and retainer issues. Like the 20 years of history I have with Dr. Dettmer as my dentist, Dr. Bauer is meticulous with the quality of his work. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome!"
4 stars (4 stars)
by Janet Hulet on 01/29/2014

"The office temperature was about 50 degrees due to sub-zero weather and a furnace struggling to keep up. When Dr. Dettmer came in to start working on me, he brought a shearling throw to cover me with so I didn't get chilled during the hour I was in the chair. Now THAT'S good patient service!!!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 01/09/2014

"Appreciated the fact that dr. Bauer came in on his day off to attend to my emergency. Dettmer and Bauer have ALWAYS been considerate of their patients time and situation."
5 stars (5 stars)
by Anonymous on 01/07/2014

"I have been going to Dr Dettmer for at least 10 plus years...I think he is great! I would highly recommend him. He is very personable and knowledgeable. Andddd he loves hostas!"
5 stars (5 stars)
by Beverly Hecht on 01/03/2014



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